Welcome to the Club!

We are thrilled about the new club at Grand Blanc High School!

The new GBHS Miracle League Club is a group of 36 students who are dedicating their time and talents to help the Miracle League of Greater Flint raise money for the future Miracle League field in Genesee County. We can’t wait to see what happens as they put all their energy into this huge endeavor. Glad they’re on our team!

Club Organizers:

– Brian Caine

– Jason Caine

– Jack Scribner

– Ashton Cassel

Club Sponsor:

– Sarah Naddeo


Keagan Titmuss, Evan Finsterwald, Noah Green, Brendan Silpoch, Logan McElwain, Ryanne Kilgore, Sam Lewis, Joshua Ray, Tessa Garnett, Breken Hummel, Andrew Morningstar, Matt Johnson, Ava Barbieri, Tayler Harms, Kat Turvene, Andrew Braum, Julia Greenlees, Hailey Bond, Jake Waun, Gracie Garnett, Garrett Neifert, Connor Hodges, Tim Hayden, Lexi Childers, Presley Huelskamp, Megan Donner, Hunter Follis, Zach Wurtz, Gordon Meier,Gino Andre, Lara Wheeler, Maliah Linn, Alex Zaliagiris




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